Collaborative Practical Theology

A new book called Collaborative Practical Theology: Engaging Practitioners in Research on Christian Practices, written by Henk de Roest, is published on October 31, 2019. From the Publisher Collaborative Practical Theology documents and analyses research on Christian practices conducted by academic practical theologians in collaboration with practitioners of different kinds in Christian practices all around […]

Megachurches and Social Engagement – A New Book

A new book called Megachurches and Social Engagement: Public Theology in Practice, written by Mark J. Cartledge, Sarah Dunlop, Heather Buckingham and Sophie Bremner, is published last summer. From the Publisher This book is the first detailed academic study of megachurches in the UK. In particular, it explores the nature and significance of social engagement […]

Doctoral Student Profile: Koos Tamminga

My Ph.D. research (at TU Kampen, The Netherlands) centers around the question of disability inclusion and the church. A large part of the project exists in an ethnographic study of the Ontmoetingskerk (Encounter Church). The Ontmoetingskerk is part of a new initiative called Hart van Vathorst (HVV, Heart of Vathorst, Vathorst being a part of […]

Ecclesiology and Ethnography