Video interview series

Rev. Dr. Eileen R. Campbell-Reed, Visiting Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology & Care at Union Theological Seminary (NYC), has interviewed Dr. Pete Ward on a variety of subjects and is posting them to her “Three Minute Ministry Mentor” series on her website. Because ministry cannot be learned all at once, or even in three years […]

Call for Manuscripts

Theology in Practice extends the horizons of the discipline and scholarship of practical theology. It promises to enrich the academic discourse and supply material of interest to scholars and professional graduate students. Books in the series will be in conversation with scholarship in the discipline and reflect engagement with diverse voices in the field (e.g., […]

The Preacher as ‘First Listener’

The Preacher as ‘First Listener: ‘Calling’ as a Source of Authority within the Flemish Evangelical Preaching Tradition About the book The preacher’s weekly assignment is brutally repetitive: Fill the blank page by Sunday, at least twice a month, if not even more. This book offers a biblical, theological and empirical grounding to support the preacher’s […]

Ecclesiology and Ethnography