Doctoral Student Profile: Revd Benjamin Aldous

Revd Benjamin Aldous Fresh Expressions of Church is a growing mission shaped response to the decline of mainline churches in the West. Academic reflection on the Fresh Expressions movement in the UK and the global North has begun to flourish. No such reflection, of any scope, exists in the South African context. This research asks […]

Doctoral Student Profile: Fokke Wouda

Sharing the Eucharist in Ecumenical Contexts. Learning from Monastic Experiences Fokke Wouda MA, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, The Netherlands. Studied Reformed (TUK) and Catholic Theology (TiU). Supervisors: Prof. dr. Johannes Först, prof. dr. Johanna Rahner Since the spring of ecumenism that followed Vatican II, tremendous progress has been made. Especially comparative theology and consensus […]

Durham Conference September 2018 – what did you miss?

Ecclesiology and Ethnography Conference 2018 – a Personal Account For some years now, Durham has been hosting several scholars in the network of Ecclesiology and Ethnography (EE). The annual conference brings both junior and senior researchers interested in the intersection of ethnography and theology. At each event, they showcase diverse ongoing projects and findings in […]

Ecclesiology and Ethnography