Doctoral Student Profile: Ann Gillian Chu

A Reflection on Christian Engagement in Civic Actions under Non-Democratic Governments Based on Hong Kong’s Post-Umbrella Movement Discussions Ann Gillian Chu. PhD (Divinity) Candidate, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom. MDiv, Regent College, Canada. MA(Hons) English Language, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Supervisors: Dr John Perry, Professor Mario Aguilar   I grew up in Hong […]

Call for Papers: Durham 2019

Ecclesiology & Ethnography Conference   17th-19th September 2019 | St John’s College, Durham   This conference is part of The Network for Ecclesiology & Ethnography, which seeks to draw together scholars working with theological approaches to qualitative research on the Christian Church.   We welcome papers that explore the dynamic relationship between the theological and the […]

Doctoral Student Profile: Revd Benjamin Aldous

Revd Benjamin Aldous Fresh Expressions of Church is a growing mission shaped response to the decline of mainline churches in the West. Academic reflection on the Fresh Expressions movement in the UK and the global North has begun to flourish. No such reflection, of any scope, exists in the South African context. This research asks […]

Ecclesiology and Ethnography