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Founded in 2007 by Pete Ward and Christian Scharen, the Network for Ecclesiology and Ethnography is a growing international network of scholars committed to the empirical and theological study of the Christian church. Since its inception, the network has hosted an annual conference in the UK at St. John’s College, Durham. After several years of conferences at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN), the network created the Ecclesial Practices Group at the American Academy of Religion (AAR), where its North American meetings now occur. In recent years, the Ecclesial Practices group has hosted multiple invited panels, calls for papers and workshops at the AAR.  The network’s annual gathering in the US now happens in conjunction with the AAR Annual Meeting. The network has also regularly sponsored and supported conferences across Europe including past gatherings in Romania, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.


In addition to its conferences, the network publishes Ecclesial Practices: The Journal of Ecclesiology and Ethnography (Brill), and facilitates a book series Studies in Ecclesiology and Ethnography through Eerdmans Publishing Company. The Eerdmans series has resulted in two groundbreaking collected volumes: Perspectives in Ecclesiology and Explorations in Ecclesiology and Ethnography. Learn more about the network’s publishing projects here.


The network is led by two coordinators while some initiatives are led by their own steering committees. The network’s members is made up of senior scholars and emerging scholars (including doctoral students), and below you can sign up for the network’s quarterly newsletter. Additional email notices occasional go out to inform members of important publications, calls for papers, and related conferences.


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