Collaborative Practical Theology

Collaborative Practical Theology

A new book called Collaborative Practical Theology: Engaging Practitioners in Research on Christian Practices, written by Henk de Roest, is published on October 31, 2019.

From the Publisher

Collaborative Practical Theology documents and analyses research on Christian practices conducted by academic practical theologians in collaboration with practitioners of different kinds in Christian practices all around the world. These practitioners include professional practitioners, everyday believers, volunteers and students in theological education. The book offers rationales for setting up joint investigation groups with different ‘communities of practice’, describes a wide range of collaborative research strategies and methods and also has a clear eye for their limitations. In Christian practices faith is mediated, enacted and nurtured. The aim of the book is to improve the utility of theological research on these practices. It communicates the vision that academic research is for the people of God in today’s world.

Review Quote

This important work by a leading European practical theologian is a very welcome contribution to the discipline in the 21st century. For too long white men in North America and Europe have carried on as if they had no accountability to the feminist, post-colonial and other critiques of our disciplinary assumptions. Not here. Prof. De Roest has listened, and written an almost confessional work, seeking to portray the way forward for practical theology as only responsible via collaborative and participatory approaches that deeply respect the communities who are impacted by—and more importantly, who benefit from participation in—practical theological research.
— Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen, Vice President of Applied Research, Auburn Seminary.

About the Author

Henk de Roest, Ph.D. Leiden University (1998), since 2001 Professor of Practical Theology, currently at the Protestant Theological University, Groningen. He is ordained minister, Dutch Reformed Church, 1987-1999. He has published monographs, and articles on the communal dimension of Christian practices.

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