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Hospitable Witnessing – A New Book

Priscilla Sun Kyung Oh, Practical Theologian, just published a new book called Hospitable Witnessing: Using Autoethnography to Reflect Theologically on a Journey of Friendship and Mental Health Problems, with a foreword by John Swinton. From the Publisher Drawing on her own experience of befriending a person suffering from a long-term mental health challenge, Dr. Priscilla […]

By Jasper Bosman | Network News

Scharen Publishes Important New Book

Dr. Christian Scharen, Vice-President for Research at Auburn Theological Seminary and Network Coordinator, has just published an important new book with Baker Academic: Fieldwork in Theology: Exploring the Social Context of God’s Work in the World. Congratulations, Chris!   From the Publisher In this addition to the acclaimed The Church and Postmodern Culture series, leading practical theologian […]

By Tim Snyder | Network News

New MA Module to be taught by Prof. Pete Ward

Study Ecclesiology and Ethnography at Durham University In recent debates the study of the Church has become central to many theological and missional conversations. Church here might be understood very broadly as any kind of Christian action in the world and in society. So it can include for instance worship and political engagement, or community […]

By Tim Snyder | Network News

Ward Appointed Professorial Fellow at Durham

We are pleased to share that Prof. Pete Ward, network coordinator, has been appointed Professorial Fellow in Ecclesiology and Ethnography at St. John’s College and the Department of Theology at Durham University. Commenting on the new position, Pete said, “Durham has become something of a home for EE – well now students can study there all the […]

By Tim Snyder | Network News