A Nordic Perspective on Ecclesiology and Ethnography (2016)

Hosted by Jonas Ideström, Tone Stangeland Kaufman and Pete Ward, this symposium will explore the growing interest in using ethnographic methods in theology and ecclesiology in the Nordic countries.


April 26, 2016


April 28, 2016


Östra Ågatan 6, 753 32 Uppsala, Sweden   View map

There is a growing interest in using ethnographic methods in theology and ecclesiology in the Nordic countries. In this respect the Nordic context follows trends that are seen internationally. At the same time the Nordic ecclesial contexts have certain characteristics, due to the historical role of churches in the Nordic societies, which raise particular questions. One of these characteristics is the strong influence of Lutheran Folk Churches and how that influence has shaped Nordic societies and various forms of churches.

Against this background it is highly relevant to reflect further upon Ecclesiology and Ethnography from a Nordic Perspective. That would both strengthen qualitative ecclesiological research in the Nordic countries and contribute with perspectives and reflections from the Nordic context to the broader international conversation. Do contribute to such reflections a symposium will be arranged in at Fjellstedtska skolan in Uppsala the 26-28th of April 2016.

The symposium is arranged by Church of Sweden’s Research Unit in collaboration with Uppsala University and MF Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo.

A limited number of scholars, both in and outside the Nordic context, are asked to contribute with papers both focusing on the interaction between empirical research and theological reflection and interpretation – some with a focus on questions of theory and methodology and others sharing results and reflections from empirical studies in the Nordic context. Among the contributors are Pete Ward, Chris Scharen and Natalie Wigg Stevens. The papers will be presented and discussed at the symposium. After the symposium an editorial board will select papers to be published in a book in Church of Sweden’s Research Series at PickWick Publications.

The symposium is planned by Jonas Ideström, Church of Sweden’s Research Unit; Tone Stangeland Kaufman and Pete Ward, MF Norwegian School of Theology.