The Preacher as ‘First Listener’

The Preacher as ‘First Listener’

The Preacher as ‘First Listener: ‘Calling’ as a Source of Authority within the Flemish Evangelical Preaching Tradition

About the book

The preacher’s weekly assignment is brutally repetitive: Fill the blank page by Sunday, at least twice a month, if not even more. This book offers a biblical, theological and empirical grounding to support the preacher’s self-reflective, listening, and sermonizing practices in order for the preacher to be aware of his/her spirituality of listening and discernment.

About the author

Dr. Filip De Cavel holds a doctoral degree in Practical Theology (DThM) from the University of Durham, UK. Filip has taught a Masters-level course on homiletics at the Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven. He currently works as a teacher of Religious Education (Protestant-Evangelical Religion). Filip is chairman of the ETF, Leuven, and serves as an elder in a local Flemish evangelical church.

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